Professional Headshots for Business or Corporate

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Professional Headshots for Business or Corporate

Cynthia McIntyre Photography creates Professional Headshots for business and corporate executives in need of a high quality headshot that makes them look their best.

Professional Headshots are a tradition with Cynthia McIntyre Photography. For over ten years, she has photographed thousands for business and corporate executives for websites, media campaigns, magazine covers, television interviews, book covers, annual reports, business cards, LinkedIn, etc. etc.

Cynthia McIntyre consults with each business or corporate executive prior to their session to plan a headshot session that is consistent with their personal and professional “brand.”  She provides each client with written information regarding how to dress and how to prepare for their session.

It is said that a picture is worth 1,000 words.  A headshot says so much more. What does your current headshot say about you?  Do you look confident?  Are you eyes engaging or dull? Is your facial expression a big grin or a gentle smile.  Are you posed in such a manner that you look confident and self assured or is your head tilted so you come off as meek and mild mannered? Cynthia McIntyre Photography studies non verbal communication or body language as it related to a business or acting headshot.  She will instruct you to present yourself in a manner consistent with your personal brand and corporate image.  She will not ask you to squint or “show me some attitude.”  Attitude is not appropriate in a business headshot. However, it is everything in an actor hedshot!

In business, image is often the difference between getting the job or sale or a missed opportunity. High-quality, professional business headshots will capture the attention of your clients by adding a high level or professionalism to your marketing materials, public relations efforts, social media and more.  Cynthia McIntyre understands your needs for professional headshots for business or corporate. You can trust her to create a headshot that will get results!

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