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Cynthia McIntyre Photography is the Tampa FL Photographer specializing in creating GREAT headshots for business women, men and actors.

Cynthia McIntyre Photography, the Tampa FL Photographer, creates GREAT headshots for business and acting.

Cynthia McIntyre Photography specializes in creating business and acting headshots. She does not photograph weddings, pets, babies, families or maternity.  Consequently, you can be assured that an expert full-time professional photographer will skillfully pose and coach you to ensure that you look successful, confident, approachable and good looking in your final image.

With 11 portrait studios in the Tampa Bay area, there is one near you.

For more info, CALL Cynthia McIntyre, the Tampa Florida Photographer at 813-369-5545.

Are you photo-phobic? Does is seem that you can never get a good photo taken of yourself?  How long has it been since you had a professional headshot taken?

A headshot session with Cynthia McIntyre, the Tampa FL Photographer, is stress free and fun!  Cynthia will help you to feel comfortable during the session so smiles come natural. She will consult with you personally over the phone before your session to plan the “look” of your session and then, will send you written information to help you prepare for your session.  This info will also provide very detailed information about what to wear so you look great in your headshot. Cynthia provides a variety of backgrounds for use with your portrait. However, she can also photograph you outside or at a location of your choice.

The Tampa Headshot Photographer would welcome the opportunity to talk with your about the entire process of having a headshot created by Cynthia McIntyre Photography. Simply Call her at 813-369-5545.

To view a samples of her work, visit her main website at www.CynthiaMcIntyre.com











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